Research of

new & existing 

token models.


We help you 

to design your

token systems.


We guide you

to find the right

technology partners. 


Tokens are
to the Web3 what
websites were for the Web1

While it has become easy to create a token with a few lines of code, we still lack a deep understanding of how to design these new token ecosystems.
This book gives a deeper understanding of the impact of the Web3 and it’s tokenized applications.

The Book has been Released under a Creative Commons Licence and translated by a group of volunteers into 9 different languages 6 of which are complete (Portugese, Brazilian, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Farsi) and 3 (Chinese, Japanese, French) of which are still in progress. The English and German version were previously published by myself.

Some of the translations have also been commercially released as print and ebook versions in consultation with the translation teams. Potential royalties will be split between the translators and The AUthor.

BoOk is available on:

design Your 
Token System

Tokenize your business or community
& make it Web3 ready!

We can help you:
Define the questions you have to ask yourself.
IdeNtify the know-how you need in your team.


Programming of tokenS requires a set of technical design questions to be resolved.


How to tokenizE existing assets, access rights & voting rights in a legally compliant way?


How to design economic incentives towards collective action of a DAO / purpose-driven community?


TO AVOID “PROTOCOL BIAS” political, moral & ethical questionswill need to be addressed in a token design.

About Us

We are an interdisciplinary team of experts with different backgrounds: business, economics, computer science, law, cyber-physical systems, political science, and many more. Token Kitchen was founded by Shermin Voshmgir, author of the book “Token Economy” founder of BlockchainHub Berlin and co-founder of the Cryptoeconomics Research Institute at the Vienna University of Economics. Our team members have advised clients such as

City of Vienna
Wien Energie
Deutsche Telekom
Konjungate Blockchain Network
Riddle & Code
Austrian Development Agency


The Common Stack
Web3 networks are collaboratively managed but not necessarily completely decentralized […]
Github Version, Paperback & Ebook We are happy to announce that […]
Algorithmic Stablecoins Cover Photo
Algorithmic Stablecoins use price stabilisation algorithms to track a particular unit price - typically $1. Algorithmic stablecoins are not redeemable 1:1 for fiat currency.


An interdisciplinary team of
in-house experts
& external experts
from research to development.

Shermin Voshmgir

Founder & Intergallactic Unicorn

Author of the best selling book “Token Economy”, the founder of Token Kitchen and BlockchainHub Berlin. In the past she was the director of the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics at the Vienna University of Economics which she also co-founded. She is Austrian, with Iranian roots who now lives in Portugal and works on the intersection of technology, art & social science.

Jakob Hackel

Token Researcher

Researcher and lecturer at the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics at the University of Economics and Business Vienna. Over 5 years of expertise in blockchain and tokenization, from advisory and conceptualization of systems ranging from financial infrastructure to social ecosystems, research lead on projects such as the Vienna Kultur-Token. Prior involvements in conferences, hackathons and special interest groups. Focus areas on token engineering, behavioral economics and social impact projects.

Nina Siedler

Legal Expert

Business lawyer at DWF Law, with more than twenty years’ experience in advising on corporate and finance transactions, during the past five years with focus on blockchain / DLT projects. Her practice covers loans and debt capital market instruments including various types of structured and crypto financing. Nina represents debt funds, other financial institutions as well as companies, most of which are international players and startups in the hightech field.

Valentin Kalinov


Executive Director at International Token Standardization Association (ITSA). He has over five years of experience working at BlockchainHub Berlin in content creation and token analysis, as a project manager at the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics @ Vienna University of Economics and token analyst at Token Kitchen. He also has a personal Crypto blog:

Caroline Helbing

Publishing Expert

Produced the book Token Economy and is the founder of Thaumazo Publishing. Caroline is a philosopher, analyst, and communications specialist. With Thaumazo Publishing, media consulting and production based in Berlin, she helps entrepreneurs and outside-of-the-box thinkers to get their ideas published and Specialties: Content Marketing Strategy, Writer & Editor, Media Consulting and Production, Public Relations, Team & Community Building.

Claudia Winkler

Telco & Impact Expert

Entrepreneur and serial founder of various ventures e.g. Adjacent Possible Network (Consulting), goood network (Impact Incubation) and goood mobile Germany & Austria (sustainable B2C mobile operators) as well as co-founder of an impact initiative for social inclusion. Corporate Executive background with 15+ years of track record in managing leading international ICT companies in very challenging market environments, serving millions of customers.

Tom Fuerstner

Physical Internet Expert

Tom Fuerstner is a research scientist and university professor with over 30 years of experience in formal logic, social economy theory and digital art.Tom is the founder and CTO of Riddle & Code, a company focused on developing dedicated hardware for the physical internet and public ledger systems. These days, he is working on hardened server systems for operating BigchainDB and IPFS. The aim is to enable sustainable and resilient identity services in an emerging world of shared sovereignty between humans, machines, algorithms and protocols.

Ric Ferrer

Serial Entrepreneur & Maker

Cloud Storage (doctape acquired by  Atlassian), New Work ( Hafven), Virtual/Augmented Reality ( VRTX Labs), food-tech ( Mana) and Blockchain/Web3 ( PEY). Since 2015 he has served as an advisor to banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges, energy and telecommunication providers within Germany & Switzerland. Since 2016, he helps train and coach yearly about 10 early-stage startups in the sustainability-focused  Hafven Impact Accelerator. Currently, he is managing the launch of new DApp, which aims to facilitate access to DeFi services in Latin America and specifically in Venezuela.