Rebalance earth is an initiative that is working on a biodiversity token that incentivizes the maintainance of keystone species such as African Forest Elephants that play a vital role in capturing carbon and restoring ecological resilience. Rebalance Earth is aiming to launch a pilot project in partnership with the government of Gabon and a number of other global entities in the Loango National Park end of 2021.
Token Economia
Big thanks to António Chagas, Courtnay Guimaraes, Jose Rui Sousa, Joana Camilo! In December 2020 I decided to release the book […]
This piece is the first output of the 2nd DAO2DAO research workcycle between Token Kitchen, BlockScience and Curve Labs, funded by PrimeDAO. While our previous research digest and associated literature review and community report focused on an early exploration of DAO conceptual models and real-world precedents in foreign relations, this workcycle focused more on exploring recurring systems patterns, then selecting a few for further detailed review and potential implementation. Article by Cem F Dagdelen, Jeff Emmett, Max hampshire, Shermin Voshmgir, and Michael Zargham.
A Research Digest from PrimeDAO Workcycle 1 Authors: Shermin Voshmgir, Michael Zargham, Jeff EmmettOriginally published by BlockScience in the PrimeDAO publication : This piece is an output […]
This text has been adapted from a chapter of the book Token Economy. __ Cryptographic tokens represent a new heterogenous […]